tirsdag 4. september 2007

Blog launch

So here it is, my blog.

In this blog you will find tutorials on ethical hacking, programming and reverse engineering. This beeing said, it is important that you understand that all of my reverse engineering tutorials will be about writing legal keygens/patches/cracks for crackmes/reversemes. I am of the belief that stealing is wrong.

Ok, but why would I want to crack programs if I don't want to use this knowledge for criminality. Well, first of all I'm interested in mathematics and how computers/software works. I think leagal reversing will give me insight in this topic. Also, knowing how to reverse may prove useful in the future if I make software of my own and want to test how safe it is. The same goes for the ethical hacking.

Oh and also, I may or I may not write some crackmes/reversemes myself in the not to close, but not to distant future. These will ofcourse be published here before anywhere else.

Happy coding/reversing and ethical hacking,



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